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I love these chargers. I also love the fact that if it breaks you replace it.


April 2, 2019

I received one as a stocking stuffer and LOVED it. Unfortunately there was an issue after a month but customer service went over and above to help. Im awaiting my replacement now which is on its way. Cant wait!

Carla Nelson

February 6, 2019

Love, love, love. Will only ever use Cords of Steel from here on. My Apple charger would have already frayed by now. The cord also feels so good in my hands. Rolls up really easily and doesn't tangle when trying to unroll it. Really awesome colors. It's a winner!

JOY Speights

January 26, 2019

Purchased a cord at an event we were attending and was very excited to try the product. Unfortunately when I got home and tried the cord on my iPhone it didn’t fit. I realized I had the wrong cord! I contacted customer service by email. I received an email back in less than 24 hours offering to exchange the cord. Great! But here’s where the service blows me away - they didn’t wait for me to send them back the incorrect cord, or make me jump through hoops with some exchange form - they simply asked for my address, the cord I needed, size and color and had one sent to me before I even had a chance to get the incorrect one wrapped up to be sent back! Excellent customer service experience!! Thank you!

Lara Niles

December 21, 2018

Love love love this charging cable. I only need one cable now to charge all my devices! #Heaven


December 12, 2018

Wicked awesome product!! So glad we happened upon this as we are super happy with the quality and durability so far! Definitely will buy more for the kids devices!

Larissa Beadman

December 2, 2018

I absolutely love love love my phone charging cords from C.O.S.! I would, and do, recommend them to everyone I know! They are adaptable, they’re strong, ever lasting!! Customer service is great! 5 Stars

Jennifer Hucul

November 29, 2018

BEST CORD EVER!!! I luv-luv-luv it. I was so bummed out when I left mine in a hotel room (pretty sure "someone" "found" it and have they have no idea how cool it really is). I wanted to replace it as soon as I could because I keep it in the living room for family and friends to get a quick charge while they're visiting. So ah-mazing that it charges Android & I-Phone gadgets. I also ordered some for Christmas presents because this is a practical gift AND there isn't anything similar in the stores.


November 26, 2018

This is by far THE BEST charging cord I've ever had! Love the 6' length because I no longer have to snuggle with the wall while using my phone during a charge. And I no longer worry about my kids charging their micro-USB devices because it doesn't matter which way they plug it in. And what's up with the USB side going in both ways??? What? Why hadn't anyone thought to do that before? BRILLIANT!!!

Deborah Caswell

November 13, 2018

Great charging and data cords. I like not having to carry two different cables.

Patrick Kilcran

November 12, 2018

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